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Our four-legged friends
Inside the Olive Grove, lives a small number of different animals such as pets, donkeys and goats which share the same land with guests and hosts in a unique manner.

These animals, whose life is sacred, are highly valued because they significally contribute to the olive grove’s every day life activities and generally to the revival of the rural life style. Some of them, enhance guests experience by offering them leisure time -accompany and assist them in their countryside walks- or are used for carrying out light agricultural and hospitality works- carrying guests luggage.

Others might help to promote of guests healthiness and nutrition of the guests through the delivery, on a day-to-day basis, of fresh products  like goat milk, yogurt, eggs, etc. Irrespective of their usage, animals, when treated with respect, can play a vital role in human life. Thus, their being part of our lives , is far more rewarding than their being left on the sidelines.
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