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The Olive Grove

The property offers a variety of natural and human-made facilities which are blended harmoniously in a unique and beautiful setting.

Thus, a guest can find

·         Reception and exhibition room which offers all natural products.
·         Communal outdoor dining space            
·         Venues for relaxation and recreational activities
·         Handicraft unit for producing all natural products, preparing home made breakfast meals and providing soft drinks and refreshments. 
·         Outdoor stone-built kiln for cooking and baking home-made bread or pies
·         On-site private car space that can accommodate up to 20 cars
·         Stable
·         Agriculture ground used for crop farming
·         Herb and flower gardens
·         Orchards
·         Grass field
·         Crop ground that produces a variety of fresh products
·         Stop bar that prohibits car entrance into the upper area of the estate
·         Yera house is comprised of nine high-quality and spacious two-bed, three-bed and four-bed  rooms which can sleep up to 26 persons.
The ground floor rooms are ideal for families with children, elderly and generally for people with mobility problems.
·         Ntamia House, a traditional stone-built inn, is comprised of 3 double bed rooms of modern comfort
·         SAPFO 1 & SAPFO 2 are  two detached traditional houses that can sleep up to 4 people each.
·         EFCHARIS & ARION are the largest self-catering traditional houses that can sleep up to 5 people each

You can see the Gera's Olive Grove guesthouse complex at by typing  Gera's Olive Grove

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