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The overriding purpose

Gera's Olive Grove is a family run lodge, extending over 30 acres verdurous olive tree stead on the idyllic Gulf of Gera. The specific site seems to be the quantification of the family's vision, and at the same time, it represents the starting point of its long-lasting engagement to the following mission:

"To be a long-term, economically viable and sustainable tourism business that respects and conserves the destination's natural and living heritage, while consistently delivering exceptional service to its valued guests".


To further strengthen and shape its overriding purpose, the family has embraced a number of aims which serve as a guide for developing a tourism site that delineates with the principles of tourism sustainability and the methods of exemplary customer service.

Those are:
1. To ensure that Gera's Olive Grove is the visitor's first choice on the island of Lesvos through the delivery of an unbeatable hospitality experience.
2. To continuously emphasize consistent quality in customer service by capitalizing on the creative potential of the inn's staff.
3.To raise public awareness of the natural, cultural and economic values of the specific destination's wetland and terrestrial system, and to demonstrate that humankind and societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.
4. To satisfy our inner imperative, the sustainable upgrade and development of the Gera's Gulf through the adoption and promotion of a responsible and qualitative conduct of tourism behavior.
5. To urge Gera's Olive Grove guests to realize the vital and contributory role they play towards the preservation of the Gera Gulf's natural and cultural resources, as well as the well-being of local people.
6.To adopt the approach of mild and responsible tourism development, and to demonstrate the protection and the revival of the traditional local way of living through guest participation in activities of agrotourism and alternative character.
7. To excel in the alternative tourism sector and set an example that other entrepreneurs will follow, and that will generate growth in the area of Lesvos overall.
8. To showcase to governmental bodies and institutions that tourism can be proved a non-extractive activity to the ecosystem if it is used wisely, as it can promote social and economic development at local and regional levels.
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