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The Gulf of Gera

A slice of heaven with unsurpassed lakeland-like scenery which, is among the most beautiful places on Lesvos. Surrounded by densely verdurous and arable land, together with its numbered pituresque villages and exquisite coastline hamlets scattered across the gulf, forms a unique spot for exploration of the remarkable scenic countryside along with the distinctive and authentic character of the area's rural life.


The windmill of Perama, a small cultural place next to the sea. Nowadays, it is used for hosting exhibitions and various cultural events.


Some houses on the plain                                        

A scenic spot of the plain

The former curriery of Sourlanka brothers. It was, in the late ‘50s, one of the biggest factories in Balkans

Former industrial buildings denote the commercial glory of the past.

A Turkish mosque in the village of Mesagros. Its minaret has remained untouched during years and big impession gives the christian cross which stands out within the crescent.

Tarti Beach:  A beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island and close to Gera’s Olive Grove estate.


Fara, a beach which is not easily accessible from the land. We frequently organize 3-4 hour visits to this beach with our traditional fishing boat.


Haramida, an idyllic beach next to the Agios Ermogenis beach. Scuba diving lessons are offered here 


Katsinia a beautyfull beach near to the guesthouse


Discounts for Volunteers!!!!

We provide discounted accommodation for volunteers who are planning to visit Lesvos island and they are looking for accommodation. For direct booking(contact us to provide you the special code for discount) or information regarding discounts please email us or give us a call.



Προσφορά Πάσχα

Μ’ αφορμή την γιορτή του Πάσχα, σας προτείνουμε να περάσετε ένα υπέροχο γιορτινό τετραήμερο στον κόλπο της γέρας απολαμβάνοντας  την ζεστή φιλοξενία στον Ελαιώνα της Γέρας.

Horseback riding in the Gera's countryside

Gera's Olive Grove in association with Stratis(horseback riding instructor) organize horseback riding excursions in the  area of the Gulf of Gera. Point of reference the plain or the foot of the mountain “Karyonas” with its natural beauty and native flora & fauna.

Agrarian Activities
Captivated by the undisturbed natural beauty, guests can soak up the truly peaceful and charming atmosphere of the reserve by walking around the olive grove gardens or helping hosts to perform agrarian activities.

Hot spots of Lesvos | points of interest

Beaches on Lesvos island
drotaweb.jpgFor those who seek isolation, Drota is the perfect place. A pebbled beach with incredible underwater scenery.

goldbeach.jpgGolden beach at the area of Pedh, near to Mantamados.A majestic beach which remains distant from the touristically ogranized beaches of the Island.
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