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Gera’s Olive Grove is a group of unique self-catering guesthouses that cleverly combine(s) rural charm and discreet elegance with contemporary luxury. This stunning elegance is clearly reflected not only in the architectural style of each building but also in unsurpassed services delivered by the olive grove’s hosts and their personnel. Personalised attention in every step of the service delivery process and guests’ preferential treatement constitutes the earmark of the family’s success. During their stay in Gera’s Olive Grove, guests will be enchanted by the friendliness, approachability and helpfulness of staff ready to respond thoughfully to all their needs on a personal level and eventually drive them to the utmost satisfaction.

Aside from accomodation services and the enjoyment of an authentic and bountiful breakfast meal, guests, upon their requests, can receive the benefits of an entire spectrum of additional services which run the gamut from reception service to consulting one including advice, assistance and provision of materials regarding travel details (car rental, cruises, itinerrary planning, tavernas, restaurants etc).

Satisfying guests gastronomic needs on an individual basis constitues a defining characteristic of the services performed in Gera’s Olive Grove fields. The family has developed a culinary place where customers can find ready-made sandwiches, salads, desserts, drinks, beverages, cakes, sweets and our production’s olive oil, or experience a rich breakfast. That place works also as a point of sale facility by offering a wide variety of traditional products(gourmet, bakery, dairy, drinks, gifts) drawn from the Gera’s Olive Grove fields or developed by women’s agricultural co-operatives.

Due to the distance(Port-Guesthouse) as well as for a better service provision to guests, are offered transfer services from Mytilene’s  Port/Airport to premises and vice versa. This is a  chargeable, pre arranged(with the manager of premises) and not always available service. The maximum carrying capacity is 4 people. The specific service is provided for a small charge. We have also a traditional fishing boat which is used for transportation(taking guests to the island’s various beaches) and leisure(guests participation in on-board fishing activities) purposes.

Taking into account nowadays, the discerning traveler's needs who seek increasingly for more integrated and high-quality tourism solutions, Gera's Olive Grove takes one step beyond by delivering, in cooperation with Gera's Car Rental, exceptional car hire services bedides hospitality, at the most competitive prices.

The Gera's Olive Grove makes a Lesvos trip more memorable by giving the opportunity to its guests to experience an authentic and reviving massage session. Now Gera's Olive Grove guests can arrange a massage session with licenced massage experts specialized in providing classical and alternative -reflexology, Thai massage and other types of massage therapy.

The olive-grove property is disposed, at the low season period, for the organization of various special events such  anniversaries, gatherings, birthday celebrations, etc .
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